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The left turn lane

I live and ride a lot in PHX. AZ. Lately I've noticed a lot of cagers using the left turn lane as a "safe place" when they want to turn left. They typically dart into the left turn lane when traffic coming from their left permits. Then, coast/drive slowly, sometimes blinker on/sometimes not, indicating their intention to move to the right when possible.

I have two questions: 1. What is your strategy for handling this type of situation? 2. Is this maneuver legal where you live? It used to be illegal here, but I've never seen it enforced; not sure if it's currently legal.

My typical response when this happens is to move to the far right of my lane (assuming I'm in the lane next to the left turn lane and check my right mirror to see if I can escape to that lane should the person encroach on my lane, thus evading. If my right lane is not clear, I typically cover the brakes and slow down.......but this move still pisses me off.
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