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June 8, 2013

The day started out early with a customer for Rick showing up around 7 am. OK, let me rephrase that: The day started out early for Rick, while I slept through in – lol. A couple of families were headed from California to Puerto Vallarta and the tongue on their boat trailer broke. Rick got up and fabricated a patch that would get them back to his shop.

While we waited on them to return, Artimeza was busy on the sewing machine. In a universal situation that evidently spans the boundaries of language and borders, we got a huge laugh out of her latest job: altering the uniform of the local policeman.

The best part of the job was she was letting the shorts out AGAIN. I asked her if the local police were paid that well and they told me that when funding runs out, he will go door to door asking for gas money to keep patrolling. Maybe we should try that with the NSA and see if we can’t start reclaiming the land of the free.

The vacationers returned and Rick got to work. There were two car loads of people and they all unloaded and hung out off to the side. One of them headed to the store and returned with a couple of cases of beer and the adults started vacation early. There was no clock watching or edginess I would have expected from most people. They just started their vacation there and they were content with kicking back and watching Rick work. A big change from the attitude I would expect north of the border and one I would be also guilty of.

A quick trip to San Carlos to find an internet connection and I am hopelessly stuck in the sand. Oh well, guess I will have to stay a while…

The neighborhood was dotted with all kinds of small businesses. This small country store was a couple of blocks behind Rick’s home and they had charge accounts for the local residents. There were several small country stores in the village. There were mechanics, specialty shops and several modern looking beer stores.

Orange grove:

After Rick finished welding up the old man’s trike from yesterday, we rode around the area, then headed home and hung out until about midnight. Then we loaded up in search of a late supper. The homes down here are clustered together closely in micro neighborhoods. Everyone was outside talking by the road or hanging out in the yards.

We ended up about a mile down the road at a house in a neighborhood with a glass front pizza case filled with hot slices and next to that, hot dogs with all the toppings. The place is lit up with colored and flashing lights, but the funny part is right in the middle of this neighborhood at midnight is this awful techno / rock band that is CRANKING out some terrible noise. They had huge speakers set up for the computer mix and guitar and a giant drum set with 3 kids on it wailing away. I guess they were trying to overcome their lack of talent with enthusiasm. I can’t believe the neighbors weren’t over there cutting power to the house.

The food more than made up for the bad entertainment. The hot dogs were split and filled with HOT salsa and covered in mayo, cheese, tomatoes and wrapped with bacon. I ate one for Michelle while I was at it.
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