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I don't hang off the side. I just brake, downshift, counter-steer, look through the turn, and throttle out. Keep it simple. If the bike starts sliding, and you use tires that break loose gradually, it's easy enough to adjust for. The pegs on a dualsport are WAY up there, so I don't have a concern about dragging them on a public road. I usually lean with the bike or stay on top of it and lean it under me.

A tire that breaks loose suddenly on pavement can make things interesting, especially if it's the front.

I don't stand the instant I get on dirt either. I usually only stand when I need more control, more ability to transfer weight, or more suspension.
Some are guard dogs of the flock. Some herders, search/rescue, or companions. We Devildogs are those, and also retrievers. Hell is our blazing dogpark, our frigid swimming hole. The fallen are our tennis balls. We don't leave the fallen behind, even if the master has to bring them home for us. Semper Fi, my friends.
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