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Originally Posted by buls4evr View Post
If you live in Michigan,USA you know the answer to this one! The road surfaces, even the paved ones, are so rough that you want that extra 2 in of travel that a DS bike provides. As road maintenance goes down the tubes in this economy the desire for a big DS bike will go up.
Unfortunately no, and my trip is heading out west from IL, then south until the road ends, then some more.

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I did 6 weeks on a 1983 CB900F long ago. Great bike. Worked fine.
I even did some gravel roads (with great care and concern)

Learn your fuel consumption against the wind and be careful to get fuel when you can. Out West it can be a long way between fuel stops so if you're concerned SLOW DOWN to best range speed.

CB750 is a great bike.
Ensure it's in tip top shape, don't try doing dirt bike roads and go have fun.
My plan is to leave in October, so plenty of time to prepare. I'm guessing fuel consumption will lower once I have all the gear on. Tank holds 4.5 gallons. Slower rides and an extra 3 gallon tank I think should do the trick.

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On Sportbikes, Cruisers and Standards, I've managed to blowout tires, bend rims and even blow out a suspension or two; none of which I would want to have happen abroad where parts availability might be an issue.
Under what conditions? I've not ridden dual sports long distances, which is partly why I asked the original question. I don't plan to go off-road and most of the pictures of ride reports are 90% paved or hard packed dirt.
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