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Caveat to this post:

Two shots of "milagro" teqila (I guess it is a miracle, I'm not fucking tired anymore!)

Six Angry Orchard Ciders. (yes dicks, it's cider. and it was awesome). Why is the orchard angry? People talking shit? You guys tell me!

1/2 a pint glass of some weird shit I picked up at the Korean grocery store while hammered after Korean BBQ in Kearney Mesa. I don't know what it is. Came in a liter plastic bottle though. And it was cheap (I don't have anything to say in parentheses about this one, it is what it is).

Oh man guys. I am so behind on this thread. Just caught up from page 47. Where do I start...well, I'm on day 16 of straight work and will finish out the week, easy. No big deal, it comes with the territory. Second, oh my gosh, the surf has been so good.

All of my non-existent free time has been expended either in the early am or the pm surfing. Swell of the season, easy. Surfed Blacks for three hours today. So fun. Heavy, nasty, pay-your-dues sort of waves. Motorcycling makes a big difference. I am doing better on the gnarly steep drops by really looking where I want to go vs looking down. Reason why is I made the looking down mistake while riding bikes a few times. Consequences were more severe than in surfing. Learned my lesson, now I look where I want to go every time and it helps.

Originally Posted by Shunka View Post
I have 2 and it's barely enough. Thinking about going to 3 or possibly 4.

And if you don't have a thick skin it's best to keep your distance from me. If you're in sight your in range.
I am going to get two more. The volume of one, or two, is not enough. I think three is a break even.

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Correctified. have another swig, Whine cooler.

Happens to us all. Usually not in a parking lot though !!! We through enough challenging parts on that ride where it made sense to drop it, but nope, parking lot for you.

Originally Posted by Sfcootz View Post

Ooh, I have a wee and am a warped noob. Can I be part of your gang?
Yes. Wee is the best value in motorcycling, bar none. We need to stick together

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Is it time yet??? can't wait to have a great long day of riding and have an ice cold glass of cider. Stoke does not even return my PM's anymore .

I think he is going to get my de-noobing vote this year
Dude. Been slammed by work and then the surf had to act up. Trust me, I wanted to check in but seriously behind on stuff until now! It kind of makes me hate surfing, even though I love it. Motorcycling, you pick your time and your schedule, and you go according to a plan. Nice. Surfing, if it's good, you HAVE to go. WTF mother ocean, you don't work according to my calendar and f up everything else in my life!?

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Warped noob here.
Looking forward to some barley therapy with this crowd.
New motivation for me 13 days ago:

Should be good to go by April, if not I'll catch a ride down in a cage.
Bro. Holy shit. Damn, damn, damn. I have broken 11 bones and have hardware, though none as severe as that. How are you healing up? I lanesplit regularly and have experienced the "car pool lane invader", but not been hit yet. That is a savage injury, and props to you for sticking with two wheels after that.
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