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Originally Posted by AZstateParksOHV View Post
Use in an OHV park is not relevant to the discussion. The OHV Decal law pertains to dirt road, dirt trail, and designated OHV area use. Based upon what the manufacture is putting out there, the Triumph TIger 800XC is a dual sport.
Jeff - I'm on your side here, as you say below:

If you own a factory dual sport and choose to purchase a OHV Decal + MC registration and sign the affidavit stating it "is designed by the manufacture primarily for travel over unimproved terrain" are placing yourself in a grey area of the law. Due to various agency level interpretations of the law, this may or may not be legal. I'm guessing the MVD will lock this down if you guys keep making a stink about it. Think about it, you buy a $10K plus dual sport and register OHV+MC, they lose a lot of tax revenue. If the law changes, this will be one of the leading reasons. In the mean time, you have been warned :)
The bottom line is a Triumph Tiger XC800 is a 450lb motorcycle, clearly designed for primary ON ROAD use, with some off-highway capability... it is clearly not a 'dual sport' in the traditional sense (ie. a lightweight thumper, with minimal concessions to extended highway use) - it is obviously an 'Adventure Touring' motorcycle plain and simple, which by it's nature is going to see far more miles on paved highways than it ever will off-road.

People can argue semantics all they want, but quite frankly anyone trying to register a Triumph Tiger (or BMW GS or even a KTM 990 Adventure) as an OHV and primarily 'off-highway use' vehicle is either deluded, or outright lying - just to save a few $$$s in registration.

Go ahead an exploit the current loophole if you like, but as Jeff says - you are only going to f**k it up for others in the near future.

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