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Originally Posted by Hootowl View Post
" Some of us are simply harbouring something as frail as a longing, a dry hunger for a version of ourselves that was supposed to be, and yet never happened."

One of many of my favorite passages.
Whom do you read (if you do) who steers your thoughts & insights?
Thanks Richard, nowadays it's hard to say. Since 2011 our 'before the trip books' have remained in the cardboard boxes where we'd put them with the idea that if we were to make a home somewhere else they'd be easier to ship. There's a lot of stuff in there that is partly responsible for the emotional puss and the philosophical pirouettes. On the road we manage to find some of the most amazing books; I don't know if there's a rule, but when you travel you happen to meet quite unusual people, and they are the ones with the books. In Africa the American dude who had founded the wildlife sanctuary where we worked in Nigeria, had a fabulous selection, especially, you wouldn't believe at the jungle base. The Elegant Universe, Ayan Hirsi Ali's 'Infidel' were read there along with other stuff. In Central Asia I did not get to savour in person the best personal library, as it was in a place in Russia where I never went. Most couch surfing hosts and hostels have swap-shelves and we scored Ian McGowan like that, haven't heard of him and now is a favourite; we consume a lot of 'travel literature', but we prefer the kins of Sylvain Tesson or Colin Thubron. Funny but informative, without giving me all the data like a blog, if with some backstory the better. Frankly we read very few books per year now apart from travelogues, but we do a bit of research on topics that we find interesting; eventually we select those topics for the RR, so what I write may be more influenced about that research. A lot of inspiration - both when I was designing architecture projects and today when I am not (;) comes from cinema. We both watch a lot of movies and I'd have troubles quoting titles and directors that do a lot more than 'steer'. But if you are interested I'd be happy to make a list.
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