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The level of snow from the inside of my tent

I usually woke up about every 2 hours pushing the snow of my tent which was a bit of a pain.
So Sunday arrived and i am not ashamed to admit that i hardly slept and i was shitting myself with fear. The Snow plough got stuck the night before so nobody did know what the track was like

First up was starting the bike.After 4 days/nights in sub zero temp and snowed in like this i was a bit worried

I should never have doubted my "Little Panzer". Key in and the lights came on,press the button and she started.I could have cried with relief

The snow fall was still heavy on the way down which did not make things easier

J's bike started ok too but he had only a chain at the front with the 3 remaining claws at the back.Now J is a Man mountain with legs like tree trunks,several times i watched him stopping the fully packed GSA going down with sheer strenght.
Strenght i did not have

Now if you remember we put the chains on at the ski lift on the way up.
Thats on the same spot

was ok with paddling my bike 5k, down hill,what i did not expect was that the road all the way down into the valley was covered with snow and ice.We ended up doing about 16 km paddling,free wheeling our bikes down the hill.
Once back at the petrol station for a coffee and some food we thought we done it.
Wrong again
The ride over to Passau was scary to say the least.For some odd reason the Austrians didnt bother too much clearing the motorway.So we ended up doing 30mph on the motorway with the Hazards on. The 120 miles took us 7 1/2 hours of pain

The usual happened when you arrive in a hotel with wet gear

The rest was just a long slog through germany with another stop in mainz and than home

Would i do it again?
Not sure first the pain needs to go.One thing is sure never on my gsa again.Even the guys which do the Tauern rally every year said that conditions where unusually hard and that we where nuts coming up the Hill on big bikes without a sidecar.
But hey we managed,just

The end

UK ADV rider
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