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Originally Posted by cyberdos View Post

you still need insurance even if you get a primarily off road registration.
The "OHV" on the plate is the big killer in several states. That OHV plate is used like a OHV sticker in some states and does not require one to purchase insurance. In most Midwestern states this type of plate infers a bike with limited trail -to -trail allowed street use....but don't get caught riding it in town to the grocery store!
In NM right now it is a big issue because your title is even tagged OHV ONLY and very much limits where you can go and kills potential re-sale value.Why take that chance to get a huge ticket? Just pay the man. You buy a $10K bike and quibble about a $250 1 time reg fee? I guess that is OK if you never plan to leave AZ but I suspect that will all change for you later to be OHV only.How much money are you saving if your bike title says OHV ONLY on it when you re-sell it? and how does that compare to just paying the street plate fees to begin with?
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