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Originally Posted by WantToRideMoar View Post
How about a proper hint other than "go find an airplane boneyard that has this particular run-down plane in it?"

I'm guessing the plane is an old WWII era bomber, judging by what appears to be a refueling nozzle forward of the cockpit, and the wing-mounted propeller engines being that close to the fuselage tells me it's probably a relatively small plane without a very large wingspan.

Google Earth scans of Goodyear and Luke don't have anything nearly like this plane. The only prop at Goodyear is much too new, and the engines are invisible from the cockpit. Buckeye has a B26 at their entrance, but that's not a B26 yoke and I think the engines are still too far back to be visible from the cockpit like this.
Helps to know yer planes on this one. I thought about asking around about that. I suppose you filled in about all Id be able to find.
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