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Originally Posted by Alcanfinforo View Post
Thanks all for the vote of confidence, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I'll be sure to read the suggested trip reports. There is a lot of good, no, great information on here.

I've taken mine off road a bit too, and who says CB's can't have knobbies, right!!

This is why I asked, most pictures are on paved roads and a few on hard packed (what we call) "gravel" roads. Detours on washouts and that seem to be packed down enough from heavy traffic. Mud is just part of the adventure.

Yes, clutch cable broke on me once last year and I was 800 miles from home. Camped out for a day before a farmer stopped and helped. He had a spare cable for a smaller honda that we made work on mine. I ended up finishing the season on that cable.

I have a small fairing, luggage rack and a crash bar that I intend on using. The fairing is small but helps a lot, might invest in the National Cycles screen, its slightly taller.

One small hint, maybe you've heard this one, maybe not. I ride a lot of vintage bikes and in fact a couple vintage Hondas, and on a long road trip many people thread an extra clutch cable and throttle cable (the pull side) down through the stock routing and zip tie it to the good one. Then if you are in some god forsaken place and it snaps on you all you have to do is hook up the spare and you are rolling again.
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