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Suz V-strom DL 650 2012

Originally Posted by doc_simple View Post
Hey there OhlinsPro guys,

I am looking at upgrading front and rear suspension on my 2012 V-Strom 650. I saw you are advertising here for some specials so I was wondering if you could put together some options for me.


Hi Mr Doc_Simple!

Thanks for the call !

Found out the Elka shocks we sell up to 2011 Will not fit the 2012 ,

The pic up points are claimed to be different so the One we have in the

catalog from 04-11 ends there.

Ohlins has 16 Shaft/46body Divided fluid and Nitrogen , availble with Optional Remote Spring Preloader we spoke about. (5 year Warranty)

Nitron we sell has has 14 shaft /40 body in seperated gas regular and with Preloader Option (1 Year Warranty but can be extended with 15k/24month service intervals for Life! is Their New Promo and 20% OFF First Service from US!) We also service all brands In Factory House.

Race-tech Kits we sell offers a Fork CArt Emulater kit (shown 4th pic down /center row our web home page) best to be in used with a new set of .90-.95 springs most likely depending on your weight,etc. The Forks are basic Damper rod style on the DL-650 2012 (Unlike the cart DL 1000 V -strom) so a pair of Springs and the Cart.Emulater Kit is most helpful for least $ spent.

Hope this info helps!

Many Thanks!


Eastern M-F

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