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Question about 2nd Throttle Position Sensor

Removed the canister and the SAS and disabled both using TunceECU (v. 2.5.3) on my 2011 990 Adventure Dakar Edition. I then installed the Rottweiler filter and loaded the 2-into-1 map from the TuneECU website. Did the 15 reset adaptation and I'm still getting the FI light blinking. I noticed that the TPS was at 0.72.

Following the directions on this thread, I adjusted the throttle position sensor twice: first so that it reads 0.65v, and a second time to read 0.58 v. in both cases, the following error message shows up in TunceECU and the FI light blinks (a cycle of 7 blinks, then a pause):

P0223 2nd throttle position sensor, high voltage or short circuit to battery

I also did a 15 min Reset Adaption after the first adjustment.

The 2nd Throttle test on the Test tab in TuneECU passes and returns the error message is replaced with "No errors". However, the FI light still blinks, and after I re-cycle the switch, the P0223 error returns.

Is the "2nd TPS" the same as "TPS" ? Is this a reference to the TPS on the rear cylinder? Does it need to be adjusted separately from the front TPS?
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