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Which Multi-tool is your favorite?

For me the pigeon holes differentiating Dual Sport and Adventure bikes are separated where single track gets steep and unpaved double-track begins.

IMHO, the ADV bike is the one to comfortably pound out hours in the saddle, day after day, carrying what you need along. The ADV bike is prepared to rough it at a moments notice. It can have its arm twisted to do single track, but because it is a pig in comparison to something like a DRZ or KLR single it will never be able to perform as well there. ADV bikes will not be thumpers.

The Dual Sport won't like long days on the slab making time between exploring jeep tracks and mountain passes as much as an ADV bike will. Sure, you can do it, but it can be harder on the engine and not as comfortable in those situations where the ability to move a little more mass and employ more horsepower are desired. Dual Sports will mostly be mono-cylinderic.

You can go around the world having an adventure on either flavor, just depends on which blades you want to have at the ready on your Swiss Army Knife of a motorcycle.

It will be a challenge full of compromise to settle on a single bike that does it all. Possibly resulting in a ride that fits in neither pigeon hole as well as you might have hoped it would.

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