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Originally Posted by steelerider View Post
When will we start re-testing drivers of advanced age to make sure that they are still capable of safely operating a vehicle. My wifes grandmother is 83, and there is no way in hell she is capable of driving a car.
I hope they throw the book at the driver.
What a waste.
LOL, My wife's mother just turned 90 and got her license renewed just with a vision test. In NC, if you have not been cited or ticketed in the past year or so, you can get your license renewed without a drivers test. I recall my wife telling me that her mother was very nervous because she thought that DMV would make her take a drivers test due to her age. She walked out 10 mins later with a unrestricted license. She can barely drive and when she drives, you can barely see her as she sinks way down in the seat. I would hate to be near anyone like that when I am on my bike.

Sad but true.

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