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Originally Posted by SilkMoneyLove View Post
RIP Rider.

I think the system we have in place for all drivers works. If you are too old/careless to drive, usually you will get tickets and it will show on your record, or you will have accidents and it will show on your record. Until drivers screw up, they have a license to drive.

Plenty of kids (and people of all ages now) texting and driving.

Just try to evade the poor drivers. Sometimes you can't, no matter how much training you have had.
That is about the worst thing I have ever seen posted on this board, you are definitely part of the problem, people like you is exactly why the mass killing is allowed to go on.

As an airline pilot, we get tested all the time, and have to perform to a level far beyond what any driver has to. Flying a plane is about 100 times more complicated and harder than driving a car is, yet how many deaths do we get in the US per year in commercial airline accidents, most years zero.

We get 30,000 deaths a year on the roads, where the task is much simpler, and you say the system is working ? Its a shame people like you support this, people like you are defiantly a force for bad.

Not checking people or doing anything about incompetence until they make a lot of obvious mistakes, have you ever put any thought into what you just supported in you post ??? In aviation, we have proven this to be a very stupid attitude and we make every attempt to catch incompetence well before it kills people... This is not opinion, this is fact and we move hundreds of millions of people per year safely. Its just sucks that a really great person has to pay the price for such stupidity and attitudes that allow it to go on.


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