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Plenty of blame to go around. Even with family support getting an impaired older driver to voluntarily give up their car is almost impossible. I've had family members "disable" Dad's Caddy, and prevent him from getting it repaired, only to have a car salesman sell him a new model. Hell, the salesmen will even drive the new car to the house and do the paperwork in the living room. It's obvious that the person shouldnt be driving but they sell him one anyway. Many kids don't want to piss off the old man, so they won't get involved. They just say, "well, he only drives on back roads and never at night." I have had 2 older patients kill someone with their cars. They had already been reported to DMV and the families had been warned multiple times.

Losing the car leads to loss of whatever independence they have. It's worse in some areas than others. I have patients that have family close by. The kids would love to drive them around, but as some people get older their judgement worsens and they actually think they are good drivers. I have called the police to come by my office and follow patients home, trying to find a way to get them off the road. Luckily we have some driver rehab and evaluation programs here. If someone has a stroke or gets reported, the DMV requires them to take a check ride before they are allowed to drive again. I've had people take the recertification test and flunk it 3 times (its like 1000 bones to take it) and they swear the examiner just "didnt like them."

But most of the time nothing happens until someone gets hurt. And I ride a motorcycle to work every day. Someone mentioned the changes in drivers ed. I don't have kids so I don't actually known what it's like, but I can tell you the mentality is different than it was 35 years ago when I started driving. Nobody seems to take any pride in their driving skills. Anymore driving is just a means to get somewhere. The car is just a mobile telecommunication center for all their iShit. Their is no etiquette and most the people I see have no clue what's actually in the Rules of the Road (do they even have a drivers handbook anymore?). I ride in a lot of traffic and these new drivers have no interaction with the drivers around them. They have no clue, they don't plan ahead and they just react to what's happening around them, often too late. These people can't drive, then we put an iPhone in their hand. Rant over...carry on.

RIP Deputy.

PMR out
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