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Warmer weather + close to work + affordable. In the Bay Area, you can only pick two. My picks:

Warmer weather + close to work = Hillsborough or Burlingame
Warmer weather + affordable = Dublin or Pleasanton
Affordable + close to work = South San Francisco or Pacifica

Keep in mind that "affordable" is relative and that you can go very cheap if you want to in parts of Oakland or even SF.

Personally, of those choices, I'd live in Hillsborough or Pleasanton. If I wanted to surf in the mornings, then Pacifica. If I was hell bent on living in the city, then Glen Park (BART is just a few stops from work).

As for riding a motorcycle to work, it can be dicey from a safety standpoint, depending on which roads you take. I do it from time to time but personally feel like I'd be tempting fate if I did it every day. YMMV.
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