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Originally Posted by joefromsf View Post
Probably ended up with a very expensive lesson, like this couple who tried it last "summer". Story here:
Man, thanks for that link. What a complete, utter, total, fucking moron. He replied to one of the comments on the last page and it's painfully obvious that he still has no idea how close he was to dying out there and how many things were sooooo close to being the root cause. The guy was driving through a blinding forest of red flags and he kept going.

He talks about how he was experienced, his skill guided him and that's the reason he got out alive. The fucking moron took a Camry on Lippencott, IN JUNE? I mean...seriously? It hasn't even been shown as a road on the Auto Club DV map for well over 40 years (yes, I have a mid-60s print of that map). He needs a square punch in face for that whole excursion.
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