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Most men (and women) fashion their own ball & chain...

Thank you for taking us along on your epic journey - it helps me endure this time of year, when the ground is covered in snow and my bikes are hibernating in the garage.

Your ability to make new friends everywhere you go is truly a gift, and says a lot about what kind of person you are.

As the political situation in Ukraine take up much space in the news at the moment, it was interesting to hear your description of the country and its inhabitants - it sounds like a great place I would love to visit.

I like your back-to-basic philosophy regarding navigation and route planning. Good maps, input from locals and day to day planning is the recipe for real adventure.
That being said, a GPS is a great addition to the above - but it require that you know how to use it, and understand that it's only another navigation tool - not the voice of God.

As far as I can see, you didn't bring any camping gear on your trip - is that correct?
If so you are a real ADVrider oddball - no GPS and no camping gear - what were you thinking!!!

And now to a more serious subject that is close to my heart:

Originally Posted by WesleyDRZ400 View Post
I am 31 now and all my friends are married and have kids or have kids and are getting married, they work 9-5 normal life with 3-4 weeks holiday a year i go round and see them, i look them in the eyes and see the fire has gone out and this scares me really scares me to be like this, i have friends i work with who are planning bike trips now but for 5 days max because there wifes/GF said that's the limit?!?!

At the age of 40 I see much the same among my friends (with exceptions).
I don't understand why so many people give up on their dreams and let themselves get caught up in a mediocre "normal" 9-5 life characterized by constraints rather than opportunities, when that life clearly doesn't make them happy?
The only explanation I can find is that they don't have the courage to relinquish the security and stability a "normal" life provides.

Another thing I don't get is, that so many men let their wifes/GF restrict their freedom - and delude themselves into believing that's the way it has to be.
Sharing your life with a partner should make it richer not poorer - otherwise i don't see the point?

So what will i do plan another trip next year another big trip?

Yes i am lucky with my work as i can take time off when i like and start back up when i like and work in many countries on short or long contracts so i have been dealt a good set of cards for this type of lifestyle... however what shall i do a trip each year until this hunger for bike/traveling has gone? does this hunger go away after many trips?

Don't expect the hunger for traveling to go away. For me It only gets worse the more I travel. After a good journey I feel sated for a time but before long the hunger will return strong as ever.

I have been thinking a lot about this, some guys travel trips each year but does there come a point where you choose between your family and a trip if you settle down and have a family but still have this hunger?

My sister has a child now which i look after sometimes, i love him but also love to give him back when she comes to get him so no i am not ready to settle now

I have been thinking i also don't wont to be the old lonely guy who has been single(ish) all his life due to taking trips all the time which take first priority and then all of a sudden feel you need a family and wished you had one and are alone due to this?

Spawning children is no guarantee against ending up lonely when you get old.
The deciding factor in that regard is who you are as a person.
In my work as a paramedic I see a lot of older people.
Some of them have the living room walls covered in pictures of children and grand children who never come to visit leaving them isolated and lonely. Others don't have much family but are surrounded by friends and neighbors who loves and care for them.
Get children when/if you feel they are missing in your life - not as a preventive measure for future loneliness.

I think the best thing for this hunger of travel and now bike riding is to carry out a "Epic" round world solo trip how i like to travel and how i feel comfortable to real remote areas in the world totally of the grid to do this trip in one big hit in a go big or go home fashion...... i am thinking early 2015

I currently have another DRZ i am prepping with wide ratio gears and other extras so subconscious maybe i have already started building my bike for this trip

Maybe after such trip my hunger will be gone for travel and then i can go back to live how my friends live as i am not sure how guys who carry out/lucky enough to do big trips often do it??? I am a all or nothing type of guy so if i have a family i feel then that would take priority over traveling however cant get to that stage until hungry for traveling has gone

Don't fool yourself - you will never be happy living like the friends you described earlier - normal lives are for normal people
Being a good husband/father doesn't mean that you have to give up on your dreams, but you may have to adapt them.
As I see it, the way you like to travel could easily include children - other people have traveled around the world as a family.
Here is 2 examples from my country:

I'm looking forward to follow the rest of your adventure.


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