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My dad was a fighter pilot. He flew combat in P-38s and P-51s in WWII and F-51s and F-80s (and a few other birds) in Korea. He also flew a bunch of other fighters including the F-104, F-102, F-106 and was flying the F-101B when he retired from the Air Force. When he retired from the Air Force he never flew again. At all. Said there was no way he could keep current enough flying private planes.

He was also a very good driver. When he was 76 he hit a deer. He said that was it, he wasn't going to drive any more. I asked him why - hitting a deer is fairly commonplace in rural PA. He said maybe so, but he should have been able to miss that one and he wasn't going to drive any more. I thought he was driving better than most of the population at that point, but he wasn't driving up to HIS standards. I really respected him for that.

Wish more people understood their limitations. . . .
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