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This is one of the few days LA will be following along

for the adventure....She's an avid hiker, and enjoys being outdoors. When we hike, we can travel afoot for hours without speaking. Riding the backroads in silence for hours is a time for meditation and deep introspection for me and I hoped getting LA off the crowded highway would provide her a taste of that experience. Heck, maybe she would consider getting a bike again.

And the adventure started right away. We approached a sharp 90 degree corner and this pronghorn stood in the middle of the road, staring me down with no apparent intention of backing down. He finally turned, but started running down the road on my side. This is a poor picture, but you can see his little white patootie if you look closely.

I dropped into second and just putted. He wouldn't budge from his lane. After a quarter mile or so, I stopped. So did he. I took off and he did the same for another quarter mile with the same outcome. So I pulled over and thought,

"what the heck?" Second gear all the way to Colorado doesn't really appeal. Finally I decided to push him a bit and accelerated. So did he. It was like he was playing with me. At one point I was close enough to see the ripples run through his hair with each powerful stride. What an incredible athlete. I really wanted to try a picture but didn't dare release the grips because I knew he would dart, and soon.

He eventually peeled off to the right, rolled a couple times, stood up and looked at me in astonishment, winded but otherwise unharmed.
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