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Originally Posted by RedDogAlberta View Post
I'm interested in more info and photos of the van. The new Ford Transit is a few months away and I like the idea of being indoors high and dry, locked and secured. The sleeping arrangements and storage are of great interest.

I'm getting too old to sleep on the ground crawling in on my hands and knees.

Hey RedDogAlberta, this is one for you.

So the van is what we would class as luxury camping, although others may disagree with this!

Bit hard to photo the inside but here it is....

There is a bed built at the back, high enough to created storage underneath, low enough to sleep on...just! Often enjoy smashing my head on the roof whilst crawling into bed :-).

Under the bed (accessed through the back doors of the van) we have 2 large boxes containing all our riding gear. Spare parts, oil, tools etc, are stored down the sides, under the bed.
Under the bed at the front we have 2 more boxes, one with food, and another with all cooking stuff. In the space in front of the bed we have 2 more boxes containing clothes etc, gas bottle and cooler box. All in all, a lot of shit in a small space!

To top it all we also have 3 solar panels and a deep cycle battery that provide us with enough battery to charge phones, laptops etc. These were kind of a rushed purchase from 3 French guys in a store car park :-). Great to have, pain to store. We would ideally place them on the roof, but Zach left his roof rack in New Mexico.....

Cooking facilities are stored in box, but look like this...

Shower facilities look like this.....

And as for toilet facilities......:-)!

Think that is about it..but if you have any other questions fire away.

Sorry if English terms are used here instead of American, still trying to grasp your strange language :-D!

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