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Originally Posted by SilkMoneyLove View Post

2) this is about driving, not flying. Apples and oranges.

3) if I am so wrong, why do most Americans agree with my point? If they did not, the laws would be different. Should people do better on the road? Yes. Will they? No.

4 - Also, people drive without licenses all the time.
5 - Ride In Peace Sarge.
2: Driving is PLENTY complicated and a LOT more crowded - and obviously potentially just as fatal

3: Why don't we Americans want more rigorous testing ? Because many of us are lazy, entitled, self-centered fools.

4: The penalty for driving w/o a license should be made MUCH more serious - like heavy fines/community service for the 1st offense and some time in a cell for further abuse of the law.

5: Yes, RIP to the deceased - he and his family deserve MUCH better.
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