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Originally Posted by One Less Harley View Post
what is the best time of year to see the Grand Canyon in full bloom??? Spring time bloom that is??? plus temps and amount of rain one might expect??? I assume rain won't be too much, but I'm not sure hence the ?'s.
May and June are nice - regular monsoon storms start around July and can go through September. If you want to hike in the canyon things start blooming at the river first so you can see some cool stuff blooming 3000-5000 feet down around April.

Temps are ok in the day but it can get in the 30's at night on the south rim, colder on the north side. It can snow in may or june but it's not common - the south rim is 7000 ft and the north rim is 8500 ft so anything can happen but big storms are forcasted well so you can plan around them.

If you're not a hiker but REALLY want to dip your toes in the Colorado River, you can take the Diamond Creek (dirt) Road out of Peach Springs to the river with nice views of the western side of the canyon.

The south rim can be a busy place that time of year so if the weather is good on the north rim I'd go over there, you will see some awesome views of the canyon and avoid the crowds.
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