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Thereís only so much body surfing and beach bumming I can do before I start feeling like a Robinson Crusoe hobo. While itís nice to catch some waves:

and read up on Ecuadorean history in a hammock, I think itís high time I hit the road. I canít remember how long Iíve been here, but Hektoglider PMíd me and said I should go down the coast and check out MontaŮita surf camp down the way. So I guess tomorrow it is time to saddle up and head south.

Itís been raining in the mountains all week according to so Iíve been kinda hanging out on the beach before heading back up into the Andes.

I was thinking of heading up to Quilatoa, BaŮos and Cuenca on backroads. But if the weather is crap up there, I may just head to Patagonia and swing back up here when the living is easy and the skies are blue.

The boys next door have been rocking their gas powered cement mixer since early this morning. They are mixing up cement and bucketing it up to the third floor with 5 gallon buckets and a pulley:

They are mixing and pouring the third floor slab all by hand. A five man crew has been at it for the last 10 hours. No boom trucks, concrete pumps and paddle trowels in this neck of the woods. Itís all done by hand. With power equipment they would have been done 8 hours ago. None of that fancy stuff down here though.

This Chilean family is traveling to Venezuela to visit relatives in their diesel Chevy camper:

They camped at the beach across the street last night. Really nice folks. But I mean, Mom, Dad, three screaming young kids and the brother-in-law. Sounds like the trip from hell to me. Just shoot me.

Not that I have anything against kids. I enjoy other peopleís kids and pets. Just never felt compelled to have any of my own.

more laterÖ.
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