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Originally Posted by iifke View Post
what is this fantastical job where you have erratic hours and drinking is acceptable?! My guess- sleazy private investigator. you wear a fedora and smoke a lot of cheap cigars, eh?
After an outrageous amount of work over the years, I own my own business, coming up on three years now. First thing I put in was a bar area, my chosen path has it's stresses that the drinks assuage . The erratic hours are the best part, actually. Not stuck in a set time as long as stuff gets done.

One other thing: drinking prior to surfing can definitely help your flow and you will surf better in most conditions. But uh, in last night's case with 10 ft faces at Black's, probably didn't help . Caught a couple fun and fast ones, but ended up getting worked by an outside bomb, broken leash, lost board and had to swim all the way back to the beach from outside. This is one way to work off drinking calories .
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