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And off we went.

The pavement eventually gave out and left us cruising on this wonderful road.

We're approaching Folsom, NM. The gravel part of SH 456 has returned to asphalt. You can see the backside of Capulin Volcano National Monument in the distance.

Years ago, we went to the top and had to leave a trailer loaded with dirt bikes and 4-wheelers in the parking lot as they don't allow trailers to go to the top. If memory serves me, our three kids really succeeded in making asses of themselves up there. I'm so proud. As I rode along, waxing nostalgic, I noticed the velcro was really beginning to do a number on my knees. Each time I wanted to stand I had to think about it. Could I be bleeding in there? Those britches were a big purchase and I really didn't want to let on to LA at this point. Maybe it's a guy thing?

Downtown Folsom, NM has a small post office with an old pay phone that still has a dial tone. We stopped for a snack and some water, sharing a laugh over the memories of our trip up the volcano years ago that left us embarrassed and angry back then. So far, LA was having a good time and we hadn't made it to the cool stuff yet.

SH 456 makes a T into SH 325 in Folsom. Just before the T, SH 72 heads off west to wind its way to Raton, a much more enjoyable ride than US 64. It is also an access point to a gravel road that takes you over old Trinchera pass and on into Trinidad, CO -- just an FYI. We will take SH 325 into Capulin, cross US 64, ride through the small town and leave town on Cr A042 which meanders through old remains of volcanic activity

I'm a maps guy, and this is my first adventure utilizing a GPS and it was working splendidly until my intended route dwindled to this. Wide Open Spaces ~ Dixie Chicks

I really love stuff like this, but not with my loved one rattling along behind me in a heavily loaded Xterra. My stubborn evil twin plodded along another tenth of a mile or so and we encountered some fairly large mud holes and unfortunately a gate. I got off Red and surveyed the situation. The bite, just above my knees from the velcro made walking the short distance nearly unbearable. A gate, a short stretch and a sharp turn south, then another gate...I could make out the trail -- but -- there were cows in between the two gates and letting someone's cattle out trying to get LA through the gates is not good public relations for the ADVrider community so I arrived at the decision to turn back and find another way.

Which I did.
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