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Originally Posted by kČ. View Post
1190 is back
1290 starter does the trick
electronics upgraded to 2014 specs
so the "if-you-slam-the-front-brake-mid-turn-you're-a-fool-but-won't-fall-on-your-face" ABS is active

don't have a clue why they invent shit like that
my first ever ABS bike and I ride on and off road since 1996
probably to show others it can be done

keep you posted on the next 'glitch'
Glad to hear that!

Was it your dealer or a technician from Ktm Belgium itself who replaced the starter for the 1290 model? Have you had some time to evaluate this fix?

My dealer doesn't seem to be that eager to replace the starter... He said Ktm is looking for another fix and until then he asks me to start the bike with a little throttle (as he was told by steve from Ktm)...

Is your dealer replacing all the 1190 starters with 1290's or have you heard about someone else's 1190 where they are doing this? I just got the bike back so it's just now I can see if the little throttle trick is flawless...
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