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day 7

Bluffton, S.C.

Good day all and all.

temps were in the low 40s F when I left Bluffton, S.C. Sunny day.

I took the back roads and crossed the 17 into Savannah.

stopped at Richmon Hill, GA for gass just south of there.

I weaved in and out of the I-95 and the 17.

The stock seat on the Mighty DR talked me into stopping at Woodbine, GA for gass.

I lubed my chain for the first time with the Dupont stuff from lowes. I did not do a very good job. I know I did not get every link.

By a little after 14:00 I was in Florida for the first time ever.

I found the good ol A1A soon enough.
I cruised by what appeared to be a football stadium in damn near no traffic conditions.

I gassed up just south of J'ville, and pushed the bike over to eat chow.
I had a retired cop and Marine pulled over in a white fan (ford sprinter like) and ask me some questions about the bike.
He bought a 2012 DL650 V-strom, and we were talking about the DR and the DL. He drove all the way to WV to pick her up.
He is planning on riding out to CO this year. He is late 50s and has been wanting to do a tour for a good while.
I showed him my Eagle Globe and Anchor on my 2008 military issued boots that I'm touring with.
He told me it was going to rain tomorrow.

Here's were I actually did some adventouring.

Northwest of St. Augustine, I found a great place.
I was on the 1 and then pulled off to the west and right when I picked a spot to turn around I found a easy dirt/sandy road to go down. It was easily 15 feet wide. I took my first right and then went down a couple of hundred meters and found my spot.
It was about 17:30 or so. I'll try and post some pics later.

I started getting ready for camp and I kept hearing some loud noise in the brush about 30 meters away, and it kept getting louder.
It had me spooked as it got close, so I hailed, and eventually threw a stick in the woods. It was going right to my bivouac sight. (I had the DR off the trail, and walked across some boards (over still water) to get to good location to sleep).
I finally saw it. A giant rat! No... A armadillo I think. Man that thing was loud. It reminded me of the squirrels back north in the fall leaves. They don't give a F^&k about how much noise they make.

More pics.
If you look just over the left mirror, you will see the green plant leaves that I sleept next to. I had to cross about 7 feet of standing water.

Facing west

I checked in at the base camp with my cell-phone, and relaxed under the stairs around 19:26.

Green horn mistake. Tomorrow starts early in Florida. She started with a light rain and moderate rain off and on all morning. 0200-0630.
My giant 16'-20' tarp was covering up the bike.
I got out of the ran by 0630, and my recon 3 sleeping system was fairly wet. The weak spot was the zipper. Water got in from there.
This was preventable, so I had my own self to blame.


241 mile day. Finally something less than 300!

Maybe about 1 mile off road!!! Get some!

$19.30 spent.

First time:
In Florida
Camping overnight the first night when visiting a state for the first time.
First time off road with the DR.

I'm not going to add up the total trip per day, but every 11 days. Too lazy

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