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Originally Posted by canadian chris View Post
I admire your altruistic approach to Bolivian fuel costs - it's a refreshing perspective

Out of curiousity...

What would you have added or left behind from all the gear you brought from Canada, knowing what you know now?

~ chris

PS: Tuesday's forecast calls for snow in Victoria
We have used everything (equipment-wise) we have brought. The camping gear seldom, but I plan on using it for the carretera austral and Argentinian stretch of the trip, and it boils down to 2 mats, 2 sleeping bags, and tent.

What really helped was the shake down trip we did to Baja in fall 2011, and going to the Horizon Hubb weekend in Nakusp last August with all the stuff we intended to take for the 6 months trip was really smart.

I think doing the exact same trip I would have left the fishing rod behind, apart from the fact that it broke at 4 different locations, BTW I am very disappointed about the quality of the gear from, I did not use it that often. We already mailed the reel back to BC.

But I digress....

I would like to be carrying a Mac air instead of the "older" and heavier Macbook, but after 8 years, a few upgrades, and over 100000 km it still works great. So that's just being capricious.

For the first time since we left, I filled up the 2 ltrs TT gas can, this is probably overkill but after the Bolivian gas episode a couple of ltrs might be just what you need.

I do have a lot of tools with me but they are neatly tucked in a roll tied with large pipe clamps on the front light bar and with all the weight in the back 10-12 lbs of tools in front are ok.

The only spare I carry is a EWS antenna, fuel pump controller bypass wire, H7 bulb, and oil filter.

I also carry a Gorilla tripod which I have seldom used, but I would take it again. I do regret not carrying my DSLR with me but in hindsight it was the right decision, for the next long trip I would get a more capable small size camera and still keep our Cannon Power Shot SX260.

I think our kit is pretty tight (for us). We met several other couples on big bikes, and even single guys who are carrying a lot of stuff for a similar trip.

I will do a full gear and equipment review at the end of the report.

We are spending our second night in Sucre, tomorrow heading for Uyuni and the Salar.

I am not even going to attempt to load pix the connection is completely bogus.
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