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Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
Hey Mark, a group of 11 or so of my buddies are going caving next weekend for my bachelor's party. We were gonna go to Mammoth Cave, but found some in Chattanooga which is WAY closer to here. They tell us the caves are 60F on any day, any season. What do you think the actual temp was in the cave that day?

We are doing a tour that is 4 hours long, and you get to go through all the tight stuff. We're gonna be getting MUDDY! Hell yeah!
Hey Flux capacitor! I'm trying to remember what the guide told us the temp was, but it was either 57 or 63 IIRC. In addition to the Chattanooga area, The Lost Sea is an interesting cave stop. I hit it the day after Mammoth Cave. It's a nice ride up TN 68 from Tellico Plains to Sweetwater, TN. Just south of I-40 and a little over halfway from Chattanooga to KNoxville. It only takes about 1 1/2 hours for the tour and includes a boat ride in a 4 1/2 acre underground lake.

You may even be able to swing by there as part of the trip to the Chattanooga area cave. They had the best quality t-shirts of any tourinst trap gift shop I've seen - and at decent prices.
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