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It's the Offseason....Let's talk about Advanced Topics like Trail Braking

A recent post here reminded me of an interesting discussion I have had with riding buddies who are die hard Keith Code proponents...Trail Braking.

Here is Keith's recommendations for racers:

I'm not saying I'm right here, I'm only arguing that my approach will keep me on the pavement yet not necessarily give me the fastest lap time.

I like Keith Code a lot and buy into the smooth is fast argument (IMHO, that's just basic physics). What I don't buy into is the argument his followers espouse of staying off the rear brake no matter the situation.

I can see how Keith's explanation would work for track riders working for the best lap time. "If you're entering a corner too hot, slip the front brake and downshift to engine brake and slow the rear so you stay in a gear appropriate to your speed and can exit that corner safely, but with the most speed possible."

My problem with that in the EXTREMES OF TRACTION is I have less control engine braking than I do using my actual brakes.

My REAL WORLD application of this differs for on road riders (not track riders). If presented with this situation (as this flat-road midwestern rider was last year riding in NC and Kentucky) I would/did use the front AND rear to slow the bike and worry about the correct gear later. My theory being that the application of both keeps the bike stable on it's suspension but allows for more braking forces applied before that sharper than expected corner.

I would still downshift so I was in a very ROUGHLY appropriate gear, but I would not engage the clutch as to avoid additional traction loss to the rear tire.

My question for you is: "Why am I wrong?"

EDIT: And hit me with it! I've been an idiot for almost 40 years so I'm used to the abuse!
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