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Originally Posted by ragtoplvr View Post
Now if you had officers patrolling on small single cylinder bikes, maybe that would be cost effective for lots of situations.

Does not seem generally cost effective.
Except for maneuverability, a smaller bike isn't going to help much. You'll save a little on purchase price and maybe get a little better MPG, but you're giving up comfort and capacity to haul all the standard issue crap around.

Bikes excel at traffic and escort work. The problem is- and any LEO feel free to prove me wrong- I don't see much motor officer training focused on practicing cornering (outside of cone work) or other high speed riding. Oregon does. We put about 70 motor officers through high speed cornering last year, giving them a chance to train with their adrenaline pumping and feel how the bikes handle at speed.

I like the PR, not just for police departments, but for motorcyclists. Sure, it costs a little, but people take an interest. And if PR isn't useful, why do departments still have mounted horse patrols? It'd be interesting to see how that pencils out. I don't see many traffic stops being made from horseback. (Although I've seen a bicycle cop make a traffic stop...)

OTOH, a lot of motor officers are commanded by either someone that's never done that job and may not even ride, or someone that's indoctrinated to procedures (gear, tactics, training) 50 years out of date and not interested in moving forward.
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