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Originally Posted by flyingdutchman177 View Post
There is this ghost town just inside the Laos side of the border with China.
The story i heard was the Chinese money built about 10 hotels and about 3000 rooms plus a casino to bring business to Laos. The people of Laos were not wecome. Just rich Chinese men looking for a good time. They brought in the girls from Laos. But the party crashed when the word got out that it was more than a gambling trp
The casino closed and all but two hotels shut down.
It was a real ghost town.
And since i had camped in abandoned houses and restaurants along the way, i can now say that i camped in an abandoned five star hotel.

[Here's a shot at the almost finished yet abandoned hotel at the Laos border
I pulled my moto in to the lobby and pitched my tent right there. I was probably the first over night guest

I'm all for guerrilla style camping, and I've done my fair share of it, but I gotta say you have come up with some pretty awesome places to throw the tent down. This one is up near the top of the list just for the weirdness of it. Thanks for all the reporting, still following and enjoying the stories.
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