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This is my XV920 Yamaha,1981 model. It weighs about 510 lb.s + all the stuff I took , so maybe in the 600 lb.s range. It also has very limited ground clearance and short travel suspension.
It's shown here on the MaGruder Corridor ,reputed to be the longest primative road in the lower 48 states, 148 miles.
You can see the mods I made to prepare for this type riding. Handguards,for weather protection and so if you do tip over ,you won't break your levers. A skid plate to protect the bottom of the engine, on the MaGruder there were hills to climb that had it ringing like cymbals from rock hits.Also a crash bar mainly because there is no frame under the motor to mount the skid plate to.It's also a good place to mount highway pegs, just to have a alternate riding position for the flats.
It's no dirt bike, not even close. But if you are determined and slow down,and pick the right line ,you can go a lot of places.
No one sells skid plates for your Honda 4, you'll have to come up with your own. Metal handguards will fit , crashbars are out there.

Stuff like this may happen. Pick it up and continue.
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