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Originally Posted by 805gregg View Post
Welcome back to SoCa, a great ride and report, thanks. You may create a new category of ride, how long did it take you? Is it a blog, where you ride 15 miles then rest for 3 days or do you do the ride. You two are amazing, not many could keep up that pace, enjoy you're return
We had scheduled 3 months to get there.
It took us about 70 days.
We had figured 200 miles a day.
We did average 171 miles a day.
200 miles a day was too high an average.
I think if someone wanted they could do it in 60 days, but not much less.
In places the going is just SLOW.
You do need to rest and maintain the machines, get tires and etc.

Yep. It was a RIDE. Not a tourist sight see-ing trip or photo opportunity.
We rode 13 countries and that was the simple goal. Just to RIDE, ride, ride ride. It's what we do. Others do it differently and we love that.

We've often wanted a Mexican dinner and rode from our house to San Felipe (350 miles) had dinner. Slept at Georges Motel. Had breakfast there, then rode home. (350 miles) Only extra thing we do is walk down the Malecon to pick out a restaurant. In 2013 we did this six times! It's all about the ride and the roads. We particularly like the road from Ensenada over to the San Felipe side.

There are other roads we like and ride regular. Highway 2 in California is a good day ride, sometimes twice a week. (200 miles round trip).
Joshua Tree, 100 miles from our house, nice short day ride for a round trip.

Las Vegas is only 240 miles from our house......they know us at Palace Station!
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