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Riding to the west of 395 south of Mammoth Lakes I was headed up into the hills after opening and closing a gate. I then noticed a bull that had noticed me, he gave chase. By a slender margin I managed to stay ahead while clawing up a loose gravel jeep trail on my KTM 250, wishing I had more traction.

After escaping the bull, made my way up a switchback trail. At one point noticing a side trail headed down. So down we go, couple hundred yards and the trail dead ended. I turned to retreat back up the trail. Lesson learned this day was never go down something you can not get back up.

I had to go down through the bushes. From 395 those bushes look like they may be like sage brush..3-4 feet tall. The bushes on that hill were more like 8-15 feet tall and thick. The only thing going for me was that "down" was easy to follow, it was steep. After an hour or so of bushwacking we, the bike and I, escaped. Came close to abandoning the bike on the hill that day.
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