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45 years of riding and the only time I've been stranded was when I broke a chain on my Trail 90 with my girlfriend on the back in a redwood forest at the bottom of a canyon. That was about 40 years ago and I learned my lesson. Always bring stuff to fix a chain.

Not a motorcycle but it just as well could have been. A couple of my friends were flying their ultralight PPCs out near the Alvord Desert in SE Oregon, a very desolate place, when one of them ran out of gas. He landed uneventfully on a flat spot between the sage brush and asked the guy who was flying next to him by radio to fly back to camp and have someone bring a gas can. His fellow flyer marked the point on his GPS, flew back to camp and a few of us set out on trail bikes with a gas can to the coordinates provided. We parked the bikes about a mile away from the coordinates, hopped the barbed wire fence, and hiked to the marked point. Nothing there. Climbed a small nearby hill and still couldn't spot him or the machine so we rode back to camp.

At that point we started an air and ground search and spotted his machine over a half mile from the marked point. Turns out the other flyer marked the point where he was flying, not the point of the downed aircraft. Unfortunately the downed pilot had left the machine and tried to walk back to the road about 6 or 7 miles away, without shade, water, or hat. We found him a few hours later sitting in the sage brush suffering from sun stroke. Fortunately one of the gals in our camp was an RN and he was OK after a few hours rest and hydration.

Moral of the story is be sure you have the correct coordinates if you're going to arrange a rescue, bring water and hat, stay with machine if help is a long walk away.
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