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Originally Posted by Jamie Z View Post
My experience is that most people here use the center lane responsibly as a merge lane. Legal or not... It's never bothered me.

I'm glad it's not enforced because I do it too.

I guess your post isn't so clear to me.

Jamie, sorry but what part of my post isn't clear? I object to the practice for a number of reasons. 1. It clogs up the left turn lane for those who want to use it for its intended purpose. 2. When drivers continue moving in the left turn lane while waiting to merge, it compounds the problem. 3. It creates a genuine hazard for motorcyclists beyond just a potential fender-bender. 4. Frequently, drivers "dart" across on-coming traffic just to make it to the left turn lane really without adequate clearance, which potentially causes a dangerous situation because the rest of us on the road can't read their mind regarding their intention.
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