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We had a nice relaxing time at Lake Atitlan, Robert had been out to the nature reserve with Ewa today and they had enjoyed that, I was still feeling pretty crappy but the good news is Ewa was feeling a little sick also tonight so thats good and bad, means its nothing more than a bug.

Some of the butterfly's you will find in Guatemala.

We had decided we were leaving Lake Atitlan tomorrow, I had all good intentions of riding around the lake and then down to El Salvador but when i got on Google maps I realized all those plans were out the window, someone had moved El Salvador further to the south, by about 200k's. I really did think it was across the lake and straight down, even to the point I had enquired about just taking the bike across in a boat, Oh well Im learning about geography as I go.
We went for a walk around Panachel this morning, it really is set up for tourism and there were a few around but not overly crowded, I can see why people come here though it really is a beauitful part of the world. We have enjoyed Robert's company over the last few days, he's a pretty chilled type of guy with a great sense of humour as you can see by the video we made. He was off back to Antigua today before heading home to Canada. We willmake our way back to Antigua as well as it is on the way to El Salvador and we know exactly where we are going to get there and where to stay when we arrive so that takes a little of the drama of going somewhere for today.

Some more photos of Panachel and the surrounding area.

Guatemalan gangster meets Polish gangster :)

We packed up the bike and rode the few hours ride back to Antigua, Robert was in one of those little mini van deals with all the locals. We headed off the way we came in which was the better of the two ways apparently, I try not to ride the same road twice so was a little dissapointed in myself when we met up with Robert later and he told me the road was narrow dangerous and with big cliffs on the side of the van.

Leaving through Sololá it is very hilly here so everything is a taxi.

Stopping to admire the view back over Lake Atitlan to the volcano's for one last time.

We found ourselves a nice hotel after arriving in Antigua and relaxed for awhile before walking up to the Centro to meet Robert for dinner. I had spag bol, standard with me it wasnt actually very good, its not often you hear me say that about one of my favourite dishes, I hate it when they put all the leaves, hebs and shit in it, just give me some spaghetti and some meat sauce and im happy. Ewa had a nice salad looking dish and Robert some other tpye of pasta, the food was actually quite expensive at about 12 bucks a dish. We walked around town for awhile and headed back to see where Robert was staying, he had told us how nice it was and sure enough it was. A two story self contained apartment for 50 bucks. We hung around for awhile enjoying the chat, the apartment had alot of pictures form all over the world and I enjoyed looking at pictures of places I had been. Robert had organised a tour of one of the coffee plantation's for the morning so Ewa wil go do that in the morning why I relax and take it easy and organise where we are riding too.

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