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Looking to start shipping sometime around February 15th. If anyone is on a deadline, PLEASE PM me, reply here, send an email to or preferably call 509-217-7118. PLEASE Leave a Message if I do not answer with the name on your order and your requested delivery date.

I prefer phone calls right now as it lessens my email/computer load. At the moment, there seems to be some sort of German engineering vortex swirling on top of our family. We have 2 Jettas, 2002 and 2003 and both, on the same day come down with transmission issues. I searched specifically for manual transmissions due to the auto transmissions being known for failing. Taking them in for repair would cost 6 to 10k for both vehicles, clearly NOT an option.

So, it looks like I'll be having some Jetta transmission fun

If anyone here is a VW anything, that may be able to assist in finding parts or even suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate the input. My wifes 03' is the current priority, 6 speed with the VR6. From what I've read, brass riveted shift forks are most likely to blame.- The transmission hasn't eaten itself, no grinding noises or likewise. The selector switch seems to be fine.... WONDERFUL!!!
cant help you with your vw's but...
can you answer the following?
just ordered one for 169$ shipped to Montreal! Will i be part of the 15th February shipment?
hows fitment with neckbrace? /did you try it with a Leatt?
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