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Pegs Down.

I live in Florida. I used to fear the dreaded blue hair inna Cadillac. Not so much anymore.

When I have time and favorable conditions, there is some really nice riding to be found in the Brooksville/Dade City Pasco/Hernando area. It attracts all sorts of riders, from droning hordes of cruisers, to adventure riders, and sport bikers.

OK, there are some crashes caused by sheer stupidity and clueless riders. BUT of the 8 fatalities I saw, every single one was caused by the new menace. Distracted, mentally overloaded, cell phoning/texting SOCCER MOM in a minivan crossing over the line in a corner.

Blue hairs are a problem usually because of backing up traffic, which leads to a different kind of crash where an impatient person tries to pass 8 vehicles at once because the blue hair is running 35 in a 55.

Anybody that crosses the centerline causing a fatal crash needs to be charged with manslaughter at the very least. Rant over.
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