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Originally Posted by BossMaverick View Post
RIP. Sorry for my comments below when we should be focusing on the Officer and the sadness it brings, but I will make it quick.

Many people want driving retesting for seniors, and some say retesting for young drivers. I've always thought that everybody should have to retest every 4 years (which includes a written test AND driving test). Our society is somewhat crazed if we think that everyone can retain skills for 50+ years without some sort of retraining or retesting, especially when that skill involves driving 2+ ton objects.
I think if you go back and look at the stats that were posted, you'll see that older folks aren't a big problem overall.

If you think that everyone needs retraining, it might be that your own personal horizons are limited and you can't see past them. I certainly don't need it, and I know plenty of others who don't, either. What's needed is better initial training and graduated licensing.

Law enforcement needs to change its priorities and start citing bad and distracted drivers instead of using speeding as a cash cow. Being a stupid driver should be expensive. Just about every cop car has a dash cam, and now, the officers are beginning to wear cameras as well, so having evidence at trial is possible.
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