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So, after reading 25 pages I am shocked that no one has asked, just what do you drink that makes these wonderful stoves?
Well, for the most part it's been Bud and Bud Light that has come in these aluminum bottles. For a while, you could get Michelob Ultra too. So I was forced by my burning need to support my fellow ADVers to drink these concoctions. For a while, I could order Bud Light Lime in these bottles, and that was not so bad.

I was a homebrewer for many years, making my own ales right from grain. Bud Light around my house was long considered heresy.

Well, I managed to stomach the Bud Light Lime, and even become fond of it. Now for the last year or so I have not been able to get it and only have had Bud Light. I keep lime juice in the fridge to pour into my Bud Light to make it tolerable. Given the number of stoves I've sold over the last 5 years, this has been a copious amount of Bud Light. I just ran out of bottles with this last batch of stoves I made. Had to go buy a few more cases of Bud Light in aluminum bottles.

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