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Originally Posted by ShadyRascal View Post
Well, for the most part it's been Bud and Bud Light that has come in these aluminum bottles. For a while, you could get Michelob Ultra too. So I was forced by my burning need to support my fellow ADVers to drink these concoctions. For a while, I could order Bud Light Lime in these bottles, and that was not so bad.

I was a homebrewer for many years, making my own ales right from grain. Bud Light around my house was long considered heresy.

Well, I managed to stomach the Bud Light Lime, and even become fond of it. Now for the last year or so I have not been able to get it and only have had Bud Light. I keep lime juice in the fridge to pour into my Bud Light to make it tolerable. Given the number of stoves I've sold over the last 5 years, this has been a copious amount of Bud Light. I just ran out of bottles with this last batch of stoves I made. Had to go buy a few more cases of Bud Light in aluminum bottles.

The sacrifices I make for you FF's.

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