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The traffic got a little heavier as we got closer to Antigua.

Was surprised to find a hotel with such good parking, there is a lot of hotels in thr centre of Antigua but parking is bit of an issue for most hotels but not here.

We headed out for dinner with Robert , the spag bol they served me was rubbish, I could of cooked better stuff than that, at least the seating arrangement brought back fond memories of days gone by

Today Ewa got up and hit the road for the coffee tour I woke up for a few minutes checked facebook and then went back to sleep and was out like a light for a few hours, I was surprised when I woke up and it was 11:50. With checkout time at 12 and no sign of Ewa i got up and started packing. Not long after Robert and Ewa turned up, Ewa is a big coffee freak and so was Robert so they really enjoyed it and I enjoyed my sleep in. We said out goodbyes to Robert, he had to go and get his bus to Guatemala and we had to hit the road towards El Salvador. I had done a ittle bit more research this time and sort of knew where I was going, I am really going to have to start doing a bit more of it again, I used to have it down to a fine art but have got slack with the apps onte phone and the Gps but now with nothing at all no paper maps or anything it is back to google maps at night and writing down a few names of villages then stopping to ask people again.

We hit the road about 1 out of Antigua, the ride was really nice actually not to hot about 25 Celsius to start with but as we came down in elevation the temperature got up into the low 30's still ncie for riding. Even with my list and stopping to ask I eneded up going the wrong way a few times, the hardest part of writing down the names for me is I cant even pronounce them so when Im asking people just go si si si and point straight ahead. I had a feeling we were going the wrong way even though we had been told this was the right way so stopped to get something to eat and double check. We ordered, I had some sort of chicken soupy dish with a peice of chicken in it and it was bloody beautiful. Lucky we did stop as we had gone about 10 k's down the wrong way.

Back on the road a few more stops to ak people let me count them 1 2 3 4 and we arrived at the border town with El salavador. Just before getting there we came across these two guys on push bikes, man these guys are crazy, they said they had an easy ride today as Im sure they would of, it seemed to have been alot fo downhill, it made me think of pommy Chris who we had met in Flores last week and had headed out to Lake Izbel or whatever it is called it was out along the road we had ridden to Lanquin, he had messaged me on Facebook and one of the locals had told him it was all down hill, my repsonse to him on Facebook was just ahahahahahahahahahahahahah

I dont know what was going on with the trucks at the border but there was a few kilometer line up to cross the border, it was really long but meh thats of no concern to me I was riding stright up the wrong side of the road to the border. We found a hotel right at the border we probably could of crossed but its no big deal this joint is only 11 dollars a night, I thought about riding back out to tell the guys on the push bikes as they ahd said they were going to camp out but at this price it would make sense to be indoors, look its probably no problems but border areas are notorious places for crime thefts or whatever else as the scratchy theives just run across the border and no one can do anything.

We walked down to check out all the things at the border crossing so we are all organised in knowing where to go and who to see in the morning, then we checked out the printing area to get our copies etc, while we were there we bunmped into an aussie couple David I think it was and Jess, they were heading down to some surf camp which I thought would be cool to see. They told us about the area where it is Ewa better have memorised it as I havent got it La Libratad maybe Ill look on the map when we get internet, apparently their is good waves there and I have read and heard about right hand point breaks in El Salavador so a quick trip to coast might just be in order for this old surfer dude.

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