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Heading away from the border crossing we were looking for the coast road to ride south on but when I saw the coast on my left I knew I was heading in the exact wrong direction so it was turn around and find someone to ask. We found this Italian guy who lived here go figure, we couldn't make sense of anything he was saying, I don't know if he was speaking Italian Spanish or old man jibberish but anyway that will do me im heading the way he is pointing. Ok get down there the road is barricaded, we stop and ask again, some one makes the signage on his shoulder as if a military so no no no down this way, ok so we aren't going down that road. We ride back up and take another right hand turn, nope this is a dead end too, go back take another one and come to a port, nope not this one. The guard calls us over and asks where are we trying to go and we tell him La Libertad, he tells us back up the road two turns and then right. We get back on the road and ride a few k's and running low on petrol and I saw a group of vans with some charity organization written on the side, water live or something, im sure they will pick me up on it eventually. Well I think to myself there has to be some cringo in one of the vans that knows where he or she is going, sure enough they all pile out and have a laugh at this silly Australian dude running around Central America with no maps not Gps no nothing not even sure where he is heading just looking for the coast to put on his right shoulder so he knows he is heading south. Fortunately my hunch was right they did in fact have someone that new exactly where I needed to go. So it all worked out good, in the end we were only lost for a little while and we got to meet some good people in the process, im starting to like the no maps etc again you meet so many more people.

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