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Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
I think if you go back and look at the stats that were posted, you'll see that older folks aren't a big problem overall.

If you think that everyone needs retraining, it might be that your own personal horizons are limited and you can't see past them. I certainly don't need it, and I know plenty of others who don't, either. What's needed is better initial training and graduated licensing.
That's the problem. Everyone thinks that they drive just fine, even the bad drivers. If you read my post, I never said that everyone should be retested just so we can weed out old drivers. My point was that everyone should be retested to weed out (or improve) bad drivers from the entire driving population. Yes, it would be an inconvenience for everyone, but if we were to take traffic safety seriously and proactively, we would realize the need for us to do something drastic (like retesting for everyone). Until then, traffic deaths will continue to kill an amazing amount of people per year. Sadly, we have became accustomed to our amount of traffic deaths so change will never happen as much as it should.

Depending on traffic enforcement for a cure is not a proactive, cost effective, efficient, long-term solution to significantly improve the driving population as a whole.
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