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Originally Posted by gunsports View Post
Perhaps some of the experts can help here. Down here, one of the main causes of bike/car accidents is where motorists will stop to turn into or cross a lane, causing an approaching bike to collide with the car. One of the 'excuses' for their action is that; they did see the bike; but did not realise the bike was travelling so fast.

I am both a biker and cager. So, I started paying special attention to this 'excuse'. And it's true; at least by my observation. It appears that one can better judge the approach speed of the wider car, than the approach speed of the narrower bike.

More, I have noticed that; where bikes have additional riding lights; arranged in a form of a triangle with the riding lights on the extremeties of the bike; judging their approach speed seems to be better and more accurate.

Any thoughts?
Combine the triangle of light with hi-viz, a white helmet, and lateral motion. Remain ready to avoid the pinheads who pull across in front of you anyway. I've been cut off while running code in an ambulance, so there's always a chance they're suicidal or something.
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